Nice shoe, missy.

This is hard.

I never thought that this would ever happen to me. I was just fine about 10 weeks ago. Why now, why?! I was just finished planning of how my life is going to be like this year- must get a job by blabla, must own a car by blala, savings must have this much by blabla, must have that Celine handbag by blabla, Mister gotta put a ring on it by blabla... and another 10 more in the list. Basically, I have planned everything out smoothly and finely at that time. I think I am quite OCD when it comes to planning. Truth to be told, for instance, I always plan my OOTD two or even three days earlier before the day itself. HAHA! 

All of a sudden, things went beyond my control. Beyond my plans. Beyond my power. I don't know if you know this, but if you happen to stalk/follow me on Instagram, you would have known that....


I broke my left foot guys, about 10 weeks ago. Specifically, the doctor told me that my 5th metatarsal (which is the last bone that is connected to your 5th toe) is badly fractured. Fine, I fell down the stairs okay, fine, there, I said it! I was not wearing heels, I was not taking a selfie while going down the stairs, I was not sleepwalking or whatsoever you guys want to assume *emo woman right here* No! My fabulous version of how did it happen would be "Oh I broke my foot while skateboarding! I was trying to master my backflipping trick but hey, you gotta fail first to succeed right? winks", but Ummm.. who am I kidding guys! So here's the not-so-fabulous version of the story.. 

I was actually running down the stairs trying to get Amja, my nephew, who was crying at that time. And me trying to play the hero that day and winning the "Bestest Aunt in The Whole Wide World" award, as I was running down the stairs, I tripped at the last two stairs before the floor, and fell on the side of my left foot followed by a cracking lacking sound. I then found myself crying cause it was excruciatingly painful, I couldn't stand or walk at all and off I went to the hospital for a serious help. 

That is basically how it happened. Everything was so quick, out of my control, like it was meant to happen. Of course I was sad. I was upset. The moment I thought everything is going to be fine, I was wrong. Not wrong, but I guess I was "tested". First of all, who am I to take control of everything? Who am I to be so in-charged of everything? Who am I to fight HIS plans? Who am I to even take control of His works? HE KNOWS BETTER! HE KNOWS BEST! HE KNOWS EVERYTHING! HE HAD PLANNED EVERYTHING SINCE THE DAY I WAS BORN, Allahu Akbar. Which means, God is [the] Greatest. 

And who am I to even question anything to him? Its true that you can only plan, but God, He is the One who will set it out for you. All I can do right now is be patient. Be patient. Be patient. Of course it is hard, this is hard, but what more can I do other than being patient? I am always the outgoing one, I am allll about going out and about, I am alll about being out there, working on something every day, making each day to the fullest, gym-ing like I am going to be fat tomorrow, so when this happens to me, of course, I am affected. My everyday routine is affected. My independency is affected. My OOTD is affected. Can you imagine doing OOTD with just a shoe? A shoe? Like only one side? Nuh uh, not pretty. Buttt, there are also few things that are not affected such as the amount of love and support that I get, the sympathy and empathy from people I love, my faith in Him and also my love for Him. 

There's always a rainbow after the rain right? Unless if its hazy then you can't see the rainbow clearly lah. Be patient, dear self. 4 more weeks to go until Im fully better, InsyaAllah. Pray for me okay?

Love, LZ

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  1. oohh nielah story disebalik kakki patah...baru tau..take care..get well soonnn