Skincare Vocabulary: What does what?

When you think finding the right skincare products for your skin is already stressful, think again! 

Years ago, skincare products are soooo much simpler and very understandable as there were only cleanser, toner and moisturizer! But now, as the beauty industry is rapidly and massively growing, we now have ranges of beauty products and truthfully- I can't even keep up sometimes! Talking about pre-toner, emulsion, essence, serum, ampoule, skin booster, face lotion, face refiner, face pack and the list goes on and on, yada yada.. ugh I know! And what does what again?? I know it is hard to differentiate each of them as some products might be marketed with a different name but ACTUALLY function the same. 

As an avid skincare user and lover, I have learned to differentiate them and their functions. Lemme tell you, I sometimes get confused too and that's when I put Google to work. So, before you want to spend your RM100 on that serum without knowing the function and the right usage of it, I suggest you to go spend that 100 bucks on a good meal, a new lipstick, a piece of cheesecake, and when you come back home, have a quick read of this post as I am about to share some new vocabularies that will save your life tehee (and time spent at the store trying to understand those confusing terms)!  

1. Cleanser
Okay I think we all know what cleanser means. A cleanser is mostly called cleanser anywhere, and it is used to clean out your face from all the dirt, makeup impurities, excess sebum, oil and those clogged pores. 

2. Pre-Toner/Advanced Effector
A pre-toner works after your cleanser but before your toner. Just like Laneige Advanced Clear-C Effector, which is actually a pre-toner, it will help you to prep your skin, giving your skin some moisture boost after cleansing your face and before you pat on toner.

3. Toner/Refiner/Softener/Balancing Water/Hydrator/Astringent  
I don't get it why there are so many names for a toner, so confusing I know, but really, they are all toners and they all act the same! A toner is to clean out your pores, to refine them pores, and to prep the skin better giving some extra umph.  

4. Emulsion/Face Lotion
There is quite a discussion on this one. Some says that emulsion is used before your essence/serum and some says that it is used after your essence/serum. Either way, up to you really. Skin emulsion usually comes in a very light and watery formula that acts as a light moisturizer. If you are not a fan of moisturizer, you can try using a skin emulsion. 

5. Essence/Serum/Ampoule
Either essence, serum or ampoule, they actually function quite the same. They act as a "Beauty Booster" which contain specific and active ingredients which normally help you to get a "superhydrated, brighter, tighter, glowing from within, wrinkles-free" skin. The only difference is the concentration of each product. Essence is the most watery and has the lightest formula compared to serum and ampoule. Serum and ampoule are usually oil-based and has a thicker formula but works quicker and greater than essence. (Ampoule has the thickest formula fyi)

6. Moisturizer/Facial Cream
A moisturizer usually comes in a cream or gel formula. A cream moisturizer basically has a thick texture, which can take quite some time to be fully absorbed, but is very suitable for those who have dry skin. Meanwhile, a gel-like moisturizer has a watery, light texture and it sinks into your skin instantly! A moisturizer functions to seal allllllll the products that you have packed into your skin earlier and give your skin that extra glow and nourishment.

7. Face Pack/Sleeping Pack/Eye Pack/Pore Pack
Be it a sleeping pack, or eye pack, or pore pack, it is actually a facial mask that comes in a moisturizer/cream formula. It is a cream/gel that acts as a moisturizer and a facial mask at the same time. I personally love a face pack because it is a great combo! It hydrates and repairs my skin like crazy when Im sleeping. Replace your facial cream with a sleeping pack at night, and be ready to be surprised of how much your skin glows the next morning! :P

8. Peeling Gel
A peeling gel is normally an exfoliator that is super gentle on your skin. It is usually in a gel like formula, which helps to exfoliate away your dead skin cells, build-up impurities and can instantly brighten up a dull looking skin as well! Works the same as a facial scrub, use this peeling gel at least twice a week for a healthy looking skin. 

There are actually a lot more in the market now- a face mousse, jelly, pudding... okay now I'm hungry. As the beauty industry is growing rapidly, hence the various ranges of beauty products and more confusing terms! In 10 years from now, I believe the skincare vocabulary list will grow double and hopefully my savings account too! :P

Hope this helps! xx

Love, LZ

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    1. Hi dear. Okay will work on it! mmg ada plan pun, tunggu k hihi xx