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Wow wow wow, finally I did it! This blog is finally done and ready for its first public appearance :p You know how hard it isss to understand the alienatic codes, or i mean the HTML codes and what not?! I thought it's gonna be like "okay find the template you want, copy, paste and wallahhhh- you're ready to blog!" But nuh uhhh, ain't that easy sistah. The process involves a lot of googling, video tutorials, whining, grunting, whining, until finallyyyyyyyy, I managed to get through it. Knowing myself, Imma purrrfectionist liddat when it comes to creating my own art lol. I want things to go and be exactly like how I pictured and wanted it to be. Oh wellz *insert smirk face emoji*

Wait, where is my manner?! Hiii everyone. It's Lyana here. After tons of thoughts, I decided to start blogging (again) hihi ! Umm, I had few (yes, few) blogs before, but they were full of emo posts and rants basically, so I deleted them never wanting to read them again. I have always love writing. I have a notebook, which is my writing book and I carry it to almost everywhere I go. Until at one point, I get tired of having to search the house for it cause I keep on misplacing it and the last thing I want is seeing the book in my brother's hands. That means war if that happens! And everytime I write in my notebook, I would always write something like "Do you remember the last time I told you about blabla" and expecting some replies la kan, but I was obviously living in my own world and that ain't fun! 

So, heyyy this is why I am giving this whole blogging thing a try. I have to admit that I kinda suck in blogging but gurrrl, about time gurl, about timeee. Aint nobody got time to write in notebook?! So this is not only about continuing my love in writing, but I would like to share lots of things with you guys! I received quite alot of private messages asking me to give some styling tips, hijab tutorials, my skincare routine, beauty tips and what not, so HEY EVERYONE, this might be it! Plus, it would be fun to get to know with you readers closer and sharing each other's stories.

This is it, my blogging journey starts here weehooo. To know alil bit more of "who is this girl ah and why is she here?", do have a quick read of my "About Me" . Till next time gems! 

Love, LZ

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