4 Steps to a Healthy Looking Skin!

We all know how the Koreans take (a really good) care of their skin and their 10 popular skincare steps are a no joke. But honestly, admit it, all the TEN steps can really be too overwhelming, plus with the super humid weather of Malaysia, sometimes the 10 steps are just not working for us. 

Every one of us wants a fuss-free and healthy looking skin but sometimes, we just don't know where to start, which one to stick to and which one that cannot be skipped at all! Let me tell you, it is true that LESS IS MORE. Sometimes, just sometimes, the less products you pack on your skin, the better your skin is. That is why, to start having a healthy and problem-free skin without burning your savings, these FOUR (4) steps are the only ones that you need and have to really stick to. These are the Basics and the Must-Haves in your regimen which you shall not skip and here I tell you why:-

1st Step: Facial Cleanser
We all know that facial cleanser is a vital part in your skin care. I also do know that sometimes when you are lazy or too sleepy to function, you will just use a wet tissue wipes to "cleanse" your face but honestly, that is NOT a good habit or step. Cleansing should be practiced using a good and suitable cleanser for your skin to remove all the dirt, germs, excess oils and leftover products applied to your skin. Facial cleansers also tend to make your skin dry and that is why you need to proceed to the 2nd step.

2nd Step: Toner
When you think washing your face with cleansers are enough to remove them excess dirt, think again! Even the deep cleansing cleansers are actually not quite enough to remove the excess dirt especially those that are trapped in your pores! That is why sometimes you still have those stubborn blackheads/whiteheads because cleansing are just not enough. Toner purposes to refresh your skin after washing, wipe the trapped dirt off from your pores and to prep the skin better for serum and moisturizer. It is also important that you USE a facial cotton pad while using toner because the cotton pad will help the toner to work better on your skin. If you notice some dirt and excess makeup residues on the cotton pad, fret not! It means you are doing it right! 

3rd Step: Moisturizer
Many of us skip this step in our skincare routine because sometimes, we just hate how moisturizers make our skin feels oily! However, moisturizer is equally important too because to have that glowing, radiant and healthy skin, your skin NEEDS to be moisturized and hydrated! The often you skip this step, the quicker your skin will age. Dry skin will make you look dull and that patchy skin under makeup? Ooooh boy, that will not look good :S

4th Step: Sunscreen
This final step is mostly forgotten by many. That direct UV radiation to our skin is really damaging our skin and it happens slowly that we don't realize how much damage is done until at one point, you start having dark spots, uneven skin tone, premature aging and the worst, skin cancer. It is still forgiven if you skipped this step 15 years ago when our ozone layer is not as thin as now, but right now, it is a must. The more you go under the sun, the higher chances of you needing a sunscreen. Now that I am at my age where premature aging can start without that extra care, I always make sure I pat on my facial cream that has sun ray protector. Any extra SPF is always welcome! Or other alternative is you can always use a makeup base that contains a number of SPF for extra protection from the sun ;)

I personally stick to all 4 steps in my everyday skincare routine because they are my basics. I have been sticking to these basic steps since the first time I started using skincare products and they have been my vitals eversince. My importante's. Please practice this basic steps in your everyday skincare routine and you'll see how much your skin improves over time. Hope this helps! xx

Love, LZ

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  1. Hello! I love reading your blog! May I know what skincare product you currently using? =)

    1. Thank you my dear! I will update on my skincare product/routine on my next skincare post! Stay tuned xx

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