Back-to-back: 2 Well Spent Weekends

My last two weekends were filled with joy, good laugh, good food, good places and good friends. Oh also some good gossips ;) I always treasure the moments I spent with my dear ones. I really love spending time with Mister and talk about almost the same thing every time we met but never get bored, well not yet so far, hopefully never, but I love having dates with my close friends too. 

So I told Mister.."I wanna go out with my friends, you can't sit with us"
*Roles eyes first cause he didn't even plan to* "Ummm okay?"
"But I wanna see you after that tau"
*Roles eyes again cause he kinda knew that already* "Okayyyyyy"

Mai and I have been (best)friends since we were 9 years old. Okay, honestly when we were 10. That 9 doesn't really count cause she tried to be friends with me but I was a new kid in class at that time and I was so shy to even make eye contact *self esteem issues*. The next year, we were in the same class again and I remembered pinching hard her fat cute cheeks andddd tadaaa.. we were friends since then. What a weird way to make friends Missy. So during the Labor Day holiday, Mai and I went to Yellow Brick Road for lunch and a bestfriends date. It was nice there. The food was nice, the environment was super nice, and the whole place was just extremely nice. Mai and I didn't really do this whole lunch date that often since she works on every Saturday, bohooo, well Sunday is her family time and sometimes we always prefer to have other friends together too cause the more the merrier it is. So the whole day was just delightful really. We got to talk over silly things, our bimbo talks, our emo talks and our "ugh we have to adult now" talk. Ended the date with a coffee do too and I was officially contented that day :') 

Then last weekend, I had another date with my another close friends. Hana, Mimi and I met during our college-diploma days. You know you have found your true friends when you can instantly connect though you guys just said Hi for the first time ever few minutes ago but you just have that good vibes with them. I had that feeling with them and we became good friends until now. College days were already hard to survive but I was glad I have them. Since Hana get married last year, we didn't really have that quality time together that often and we also live quite far from each other. So last weekend, we finally took a time off of our so called "busy" life to catch up things and re-bond lol. We went to The Parque Cafe, located in Kota Kemuning, Klang. You guys should give that place a visit! The cafe actually is located inside an exclusive residential area, a villa more like and we even rode a buggy to reach the cafe. So classy guys I tell you. I wish I could take more pictures of the place but I couldn't since it rained heavily later that day. It was so nice catching up with my girls and we mostly took marriage advises and tips from Hana, just for an early preparation ;)) who knows who's next? *winks*

My last two weekends were indeed so dear and intimate to me. Good friends are hard to find, so when you have them, treasure and cherish them. Despite the disagreements and different opinions that we have sometimes, I guess the bond and friendship we have is much stronger to even break us apart. Hope your last weekends went great too! 

Love, LZ

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