Mister and I have always been an avid fan of cafe hunting. Well, to be honest, I'll be the one who hunts all the nice places while Mister, umm, he just has to tag along, shut up and drive me there hehe. So yesterday, we went to this hidden cafe in Subang Jaya, which is called WhupWhup. Can I get a Whup whup guys?!! *k lame* This cafe is amahmayzingggggg. It is used to be a factory or warehouse more like but thank goodness to these artsy fartsy owners who turned this place into an eatery. 

This cafe is reaaaaally spacious, and the concept guys, is so creatively interesting. Sooo Instagram worthy. I am really amazed of how this former factory is transformed and decorated. There are real trees planted inside which makes the whole place livelier, there's an artsy wall painting, the lighting and the lightbulbs hanging are just great for pictures, some vintage accessories, and the wooden tables, ahhh are perfect for your flatlays! The music they're playing in the background just lifts up your mood too. I so can tell they have good taste in music ;) 

Their menu is a plus point for me too! I kinda like the names they put for their food and drinks in the menu for example "The Brawns" aka cappucino, "The Dark Knight" aka long black, so catchy like that! We ordered "Fat Shrooms" for our nibbles and "Kaya Toast" cake for a dessert. Honestly, everything we ordered were delish, especially our coffees (we take our coffee seriously). 

Since they have all the space, this cafe is certainly made for celebration and small events too, upon reservations. All in all, I just love this place. Ahh, the ambience, the food, the drinks, the desserts, the friendly staffs, they're just really nice. Definitely a good place to visit eventhough the location is kinda discreet. Since it is tucked at the very end of the industrial street, it is kinda hard to be located but just go until the end of the street and look for the "safety first" sign. 

Go Visit!

12, Jalan SS 13/3B, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Love, LZ

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  1. Hallo kak lyana, aku suka banget konten blog sama style kakak, simple tapi kliatan cantik banget. Btw aku follow blog kakak loh, might to follow each other kak ? Salam kenal

    x Avia x

    1. Thank you my dear! Appreciate that. Will do xx