Love your (Natural) Skin!

I actually have been wanting to talk about this. I noticed that how being beautiful or the word beauty itself has always associated to word "Fair". Or in another word, "White". Or in our words "Fair and white and radiant and fair and white". Orrrrr, in our Malay word "Putih Gebu". It's not our fault though. You yourself can see that even the media, the advertisement, the billboards, even the beauty world has always portray the word "Beautiful" by being Fair. With this, of course they have their "already fair and light skin" models to illustrate the word Beautiful to us and making us believe that being fair is another step of being BEAUTIFUL.

The beauty market now is extended with wide ranges of skin whitening and lightening products, and gurllll they are selling like HOT CAKES! Answer me now, who wouldn't want to be fair? Honestly, it is not wrong to be fair but it is somehow wrong when you start to get really insecure with your natural skin colour and then comes the obsession, that you start taking those whitening pills/collagen to whiten your natural skin colour.

"Whats wrong with taking whitening pills? I want to be fair! I hate my dark skin"
"No guys like girls with dark skin"
"Alaaa nak minum sikit je. Nanti dah putih stop la"

Do you actually know that these whitening pills/collagens actually act like a bleaching agent to your skin? Yes, bleaching agent. Yas gurl, you are bleaching your skin. Most whitening pills/collagens that are marketed out there with quite cheap prices are actually very HARMFUL to your skin, health and you. I know, cause I have friends who did the same thing too. They always wanted to be fair/fairer so they started taking these whitening pills/collagen/soap/cream that they believed could help them to achieve their life goals. After some time, yes the products did work on their skin but then I noticed how pale, bleached and plasticky (claimed as "glow") they looked. But THEY WERE HAPPY. The happy ending didn't stop there, infact they continued still, using the "magical" products. Until at one point, I saw how unhealthy their skin were at that time. They started getting unstoppable acnes, rashes, blotchy skin, patchy dark spots and they also get uncomfortable burning sensation when the sun hit them. The moment they stopped using the products, the effects were started to appear. 

Girls, please please please be aware of any whitening products you're using. You are actually hurting your skin. You are killing your skin. Let me tell you something. Any good whitening/lightening products will not bleach your skin and make you 100 times fairer. Like from Tyra Banks to Kate Moss. NO. Good whitening products actually help to lighten your dark spots, even out your skin tone, and actually enhance the condition of your skin and makes them appear brighter and more radiant. However, if that particular product makes you go from Naomi Campbell to Miranda Kerr, that means the product is actually bleaching your skin. You are losing your natural barrier to the harmful sun ray that will only cause skin cancer. These whitening aka bleaching products are actually thinning your skin which they 'peel out' your natural outer skin or stop the Melanin production which is a natural substance that gives colour to your skin. Once this Melanin cells are abused, your skin will lose its natural condition and more prone to skin cancer and what not. Sorry to tell you this, but most bleaching skin products actually contain super harmful and strong chemicals. Or else how do you think you can get super fair within 1 or 2 weeks time?

With all the good intentions of mine, stop doing this to your skin. To your body. Stop doing unnecessary things to your natural skin. Stop obsessing over being fair. Being fair is not the definition of Beautiful. Learn to love your natural skin colour. Honestly, I have seen so many people out there with olive skin or with medium to dark skin tone and their skin is beautiful. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE FAIR TO LOOK GLOWING. Start taking care of your skin in a right way and keep your skin hydrated always. With time, you will notice that how healthy your skin will get and then only, you will see how you can get that radiant, bright skin without taking those harmful whitening pills. 

Great things, great results take time. Take efforts. Take patience. Do not ever give up. Learn to know your skin better and do not take any short cuts to achieve a great result. It may work, but the effects come later in your life. Love your natural skin, love your self. 

                  Love, LZ

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  2. Choose brightening product instead! This post would be invalid if in comes from fair people. I tried the response was 'sure from someone who doesnt have to care about being fair' but i tots agree with this! Embrace your skin!