Nice Shoe Missy Part II: Recovering

*I miss being this happy guys T_T*

Do you still remember the story on my broken foot awhile ago? If you don't, you can read it here. Well, I have two news to tell you today. First is of course the good one, and umm the second one is the kinda bad one. 

I am here to tell you thatttttttt....


Alhamdullilah Alhamdullilah Alhamdullilah, I am recovering guys! Last Friday I went to see my Orthopedist for a check-up and he told me that the broken bone has finally aligned and healing well. Wohohooooooo! Moments before I entered his room, I was honestly bracing myself for some bad news (in case if that is what I have to hear from him at least I am prepared, no?), but Alhamdullilah, the good news was delivered instead. The doctor told me that I no longer be needing my crutches and told me to start walking and building my strength again. Since I have been immobilizing my left leg for almost 4 months, my left leg has gotten super weak and all jiggly (shrinking muscles yuck)- therefore I have to regain my strength. Although that, I was really thrilled that I can finally walk again, wear BOTH SIDES of my shoes, and LEAVE my crutches at home!! 

Meanwhile, on the sad part of the news is.. the doctor did not tell me the pain that I will be dealing later, like when I start walking again. I know it is gonna be awkward for me to start walking again after not walking for so long, but I did not know that I will be facing with pain again :( MAJOR SADNESS. Since my left leg is immobilized for months, all the tendons, nerves, muscles had stiffen up and tighten. For that reason, my left leg is double triple extra sensitive to pressure, that every step that I took is accompanied with PAIN which sometimes is not bearable at all! 

If 3 months ago was all about the Patience Challenge, now it is all about my Strength Challenge. Talking about physically and mentally. Being physically strong is not really a problem, as it can be built with constant effort and help, but being mentally strong, now that is the hardest part. It plays with your mind, heart and feelings. Though you can have people to pour you with their positiveness, but in the end of the day, you only have yourself. You only have yourself to help yourself. This is hard, but I hope and I know it's going be to worth it.. It is sad too that during my recovery, I have been getting job interviews, event invitations and side jobs offers but right now, I just have to reject/postpone them cause I just have to focus on getting and being better. Call me stupid, call me weak, but truthfully with the condition I am in right now, I just could not do it. 

In the end of the day, it is all Rezeqi too. It is all His plannings. Whenever He says "Not yet.", it means "Not yet, be patient, not yet." I really believe in that. Whatever happens, He has his reasons and all I can do right now is keep praying, keep believing, keep that faith higher and... keep on practicing my walk

One step at a time, missy.

*a pretty shop at Haji Lane, Singapore. See the name of the shop? So deep*

Love, LZ

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