Eidulfitri: My In-KREE-dible 2016 Raya!

I hope it is not too late to wish you lovelies Happy Eidulfitri and Maaf Zahir Batin! *Pheww, what a long hiatus, ok I know I am guilty and I (voluntarily) owe you a long post about it*

This year's raya, I decided to be inKreedible. Look inKreedible. Feel inKreedible. InKreedibleeeee...*whispers to your ear* No really, this year, Kree's 2016 Eid collection has really caught my eyes. Talking about the prints, the patterns, the silhouette, the colors.. ahh I really had a hard time of choosing the best ones from the whole collection!

I love how Kree keeps their 2016 Eid collection looking classy, timeless, versatile and most importantly caters to our First World Problem... OPEN HOUSES! We all want to eat that rendang, ketupat, lontong, every kuih from every balang and more rendang but still looking fabulous, Instagrammable, Snapchatable without having to suck our bloated tummies in! ;P

These pieces down below are really my personal favorite and I humbly, would like to share em with you girls!


I wore this Kimono Kurung on my first day of Eid, and gurrrrr I slayed 100% ! *Well at least to me* I am always a sucker for organza and when I knew this Kimono Kurung is made of organza fabric, I KNEW THIS IS THE ONE. SHE IS THE ONE. IMMEDIATELY CLICK ADD TO CART. The color and the pattern of this kurung were seriously the next main reasons to add her into my cart and never turning back to go check my account balance ha ha. You can never go wrong with a kimono wrap gurrl. Thats it. 


*Ok can we just take a moment to appreciate of how glowy, fresh and natural my makeup looked here?hihi*

*but still can't beat Amja's overloading cuteness!*

*ok ok back to bishneshhh*

I honestly felt like a walking popsicle or candy in this whole outfit! A cute one of course. This piece is a Kurung Kedah but a fancy schmancy one - look at that puffy bell sleeves, boxy cut top, cute front overlapping skirt which falls nicely to hug your curves. Definitely a piece to wear to your 'from day to night' open houses!

Scream BROCADEEEE now with me! *BROCADEEEE!* I always have this thing for brocades. Brocades are exquisitely timeless and classy to me. So when I saw this one on their website, I literally screamed *YASSS BROCADEEE* like how we did it just now guys. But one thing though, I gotta admit that the only downside of wearing brocades is that you can get extra hot *but I already am winks haha puke now* and heaty since it is quite thick. But, when you gotta slay, you go on and just slay gurl. Fashion is pain guys, so live with it. Embrace it. Empower it. You wear it gurl, own it! Do I make sense? Probably no longer, but you get my point ;)

I can't tell you enough of how in love I am with KREE Lebaran 2016's collection. I love how every piece is pretty much flexible and versatile. Pair the top with your favorite jeans, palazzo, culottes; pair the skirt with your shirt, your blouses, your kebaya.. you go gurl. Just do you. In the end of the day, versatility is what we want. Cause admit it, once raya is over, your baju raya will sit nicely in the closet until there's a wedding to attend. Haha knew it. *but hopefully not these babies! Will share my twists on these baju raya to my everyday outfit soon! ;))*

Love, LZ

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