Event: GLAM Fashion Future 2016 @ Zebra Square KL

Last 25th of August, was the event I was really excited for. Already guilty and frustrated that I couldn't spare my time for KLFWRTW 2016, I knew I just had to attend this one. I mean how could I not?!

The event was participated by our 5 local designers which are all still quite new in our fashion industry but they, already are stealing the spotlights, making their glitz and glamour steps way up and reserving their spots in this GLAM Fashion show. I am talking about none other than ARARED, KREE, SHALS, ANA ABU and also JN by JIUAN NG.

The event was hosted by Sazzy Falak and opened by a performance from Najwa Muhiyyidin. Pardona me guys I was so serenaded away by her amazing voice that I forgot to capture a picture T_T

The fashion show was initiated by an amazing guest fashion designer from Indonesia, Saptodjojokartiko. His collection is so beautiful guys! I want one, to sleep in with! *Yas I sleep EXPENSIVE*

The show then followed by our enviable local designers showcase, started with AnaAbu, JN by JIUAN NG, Arared, KREE and SHALS. Each of them are individually different, competitively great but at the same time, together, they cater our fashion needs and wants. (ok maybe more like wants hihi. that explains our exploding wardrobe ey?!)

Ana Abu 
*credit to GLAM Malaysia Instagram*
JN by Jiuan Ng 
*credit to GLAM Malaysia Instagram*

*credit to GLAM Malaysia Instagram*


*credit to GLAM Malaysia Instagram*

*credit to GLAM Malaysia Instagram*

One thing what I like about attending fashion show is also the people you'll meet! I met these two lovely ladies, Afina and Farhana, which Ive known ages from Instagram and finally had the chance to meet them. Who would've thought? Fashion does bring people together ain't it :') lol

Last but not least, featuring you what I wore that night. 

Wore one of KREE's latest collection which will be out very soon, and I was very honored that I got the opportunity to wear it that night. Thank You, KREE! 

All in all, it was such an amazing night and amazing show. Glad that I tagged my bestfriend along that night, cause we had such a great time, together, not behaving "GLAM" :P 

How do you act "GLAM" again?


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