When Storm Hits, Sabar.

I am really sorry for not writing for so long, consistently I mean. I am now working for an O&G firm, so life has been life! By that I mean, hectic.

Do you remember that I once broke my foot? The one that I fell down the stairs, tried to play the hero to save Amja who was crying? Its okay if you dont, you can read it here. Anyway, I still remember how alot I whined about my life at that time. Ask Maisara, ask Mister, ask Dad. I whined alot to them. Basically, at that time, I felt so useless, lifeless and very dependable (depended on Kekek alot to help me on my daily basis. But kinda liking it. Yea hand me that Milo and umm can I get some biscuits with it too thanks *winks* ). 

I am so used to being out and about all the time, read: OOTD and cafe pictures, so when the storm hits me, I have to admit, I felt like my rollercoaster ride is not fun anymore and I am now at the bottom, stuck. Not moving, stagnant and everyday hoping for a better day. I just had so much to offer to myself and family at that time, so I was kind of losing it that when He said “Not Yet, Sabar. It is not your time yet”. 

Sabar, Patience. How much do we understand about it? When someone says “Be patient. Your time will come.”, how well do we truly understand and able to accept it? Patience, to me is actually a gift. Not everyone has it, not everyone is gifted with it. Yea we do have it in us, but how much? How high is your level of Patience? 

I gotta admit, I am not one of the people that is gifted with the value of Patience. Don’t know how Mister did it, but he is definitely one patient man. Esp during my Japan flag month, me in Sephora, me figuring out where to eat and what to eat and me telling him “I’ll be ready in 5’ but lets get the fact right, 5 means another half an hour girls. Haha. On the other side, my level of Patience is low. I always like things to come or happen within a short time. So back to the story, I remember crying to Dad whining to him how useless I felt at that time cause I haven’t started working whilst most of my friends have. (I just graduated from my degree at that time and was so eager to start working). Dad’s reaction to my crying and whining was simple (as always, anyway. Jeez whats with dads and showing feelings haha), “Sabar. Sabar. Your time will come. God has a better plan for you. God is saving something great for you. There’s a reason why he wants you to do “nothing” right now. Sabar.”. He kept on repeating the word Patience, and to be honest, I did not really understand what he actually meant. I know Patience means being patient, calmly wait for something without worries or bad feelings and let God do God. I know that part, but to apply that in my heart, soul and life, ahhhh that was just hard for someone who’s always impatient and like things to happen quickly like me!

As days went by, my foot alhamdullilah, it got better, recovering still, but I can now wear heels! So thats pretty good to me ;)) and alhamdullilah, just like what Dad told me “Your time will come. God has a better plan for you” is happening to me. I couldn't be more thankful and humble to His power and control. I am now employed as an Engineer at an O&G private firm. It is true what they said, though it sounds cliche, but honestly, it is the truth. There’s ALWAYS  a GOOD DARN REASON behind any incident. 

When you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom of your life, Sabar and: 

1. Pray, pray, pray and PRAY. Whine to Him, cry to Him, talk to Him. No one can change your destiny, your life path, other than Him.

2. Reflect back. Reflect your deeds, reflect yourself. What is missing in you, what should you improve, what should you plant in yourself. 

3. No one can make you better other than yourself. I know talking to loved ones do help, but in the end of the day, you only have yourself and that is what you have to deal, by yourself. 

4.  Be strong. Motivate yourself. Talk to yourself (ok this sounds crazy but seriously it helps). Keep telling yourself that you can do this. You can survive this. 

5. Be PATIENT. SABAR. Waiting is hard I know, but try. Try to educate yourself the meaning of this word and try to educate yourself to act it out. When you have this value in you, InsyaAllah, you’ll feel alot calmer and better.

Now I know, what you mean by “Wait, Sabar.” Dad. The beauty of it is bigger than getting what you wanted (what you have planned earlier). You think you know how your life is supposed to turn out, but no honey, your life is even more beautiful than that.

Sabar, be patient okay? It is not easy to get what you want, because God wants you to get even better than what you wanted. Smiles!

p/s: Can't wait for December though! 
 Love, LZ

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