About Her

Born and bred in Kuala Lumpur, Lyana Zarrel, is always known to be the cheerful and most animated among her four siblings. She has always love reading and writing since she was small, all smelly and love watching Hannah Montana. That explains her massive collection of Enid Blyton's books and her own curated version of Powerpuff Girls comic. 

Growing up, this Cancer woman, realizes that she has always love to write (she once dreamt of being a magazine editor haha), so she had collected few personal diaries which always ended up missing or invaded by her siblings. So she opened up few blogs (you don't want to read them seriously), casually wrote about her personal life (under the influence of raging teenage hormones, geez that bad). 

Graduated in Bach. of Chemical Engineering, despite the nerdy life she had as an Engineering student, she always has a deep passion towards fashion, beauty, food and everything glamorous lol. 

I like what Lyana Zarrel said to me when I asked about her passion in the fashion and beauty and her plans with this blog. She said that "Women and beauty are the perfect duo. Every woman wants to feel beautiful, either inside or out. Beauty, lies in everything. It is very subjective really, almost like an art. Not only there's beauty in fashion, but also in the places we go, food we eat and people we meet. Basically, it's in our everyday life! It's limitless! So this is what I plan to do. This blog will not only cover interesting topics on my beauty and fashion tips, but also my everyday life hacks! Talking about my cooking recipes, favourite cafe's, travelling essentials, lots of DIYs and tutorials and even those 'its-my-time-of-the-month-and-I-hate-everyone-give-me-cupcakes' posts!"

So, this is what her blog is all about. Her honest and true writings on everything she likes, loves and treasures. As she blogs, she hopes she gets to inspire and connect further with her blog readers, and hoping that you readers will enjoy reading this gem as much as she enjoys writing it!